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Here you will find a short video to showcase some artworks, as well as a short introductory about myself 😁

REGISTERED ABN: 86844905261

Frequently Asked Questions

What Primary Services Do You Offer?

Photography, Cinematography and editing skills.

What do you specialize in?

Photography, Editing and 3D Design and have started dabbling in Cinematography.

What Are The Rates Of Your Services?

Depends on the service. Email for more information.

Is It Easy To Do Photography?

Yes and no, it all depends mostly on what you want to try and do in regards to photography.

Do You Hold The Necessary Qualifications?

Yes, currently standing i hold the necessary qualifications as well as my own registered ABN.

What are your terms and conditions?

Take Weather into account, be respectable and try to have fun when i take your photos atleast.

How Long May It Take For A Product To Arrive?

Depending on the product, it may take between 2-4 weeks maximum.

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About Me

Daniel Miller

I am a current 2nd year university student building my way up slowly in the world. Currently studying a bachelor in interactive media 3D design where i use all adobe software as well as autodesk software. i would not say i am 100% the best, but i will say i give it my all. eventually i want to be able to run my own business, so i guess this is just the start to that?. All images previewed are also my own that i have either taken and/or edited myself

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